Design and production of innovative retail experiences.

Blink is one of the leading retail concept and manufacturing partners in Nordics.


Design partner for leading retail stores and brands.

At Blink, we help our customers build an outstanding consumer experience with innovative store and retail concepts. We design and build long-lasting, technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious retail solutions.


Connect with consumers with branded retail experience.

Retail design of innovative retail concepts

We create innovative consumer-oriented retail spaces that add high value for brands and retail stores.

Custom manufacturing of displays and furniture

Blink is specialized in custom-made retail space design and retail furniture manufacturing. 

Logistics & installation throughout the Nordics

Speed up your supply chain with Blink from the initial idea to creative concept up to the final project execution in-store.

Why Blink

We offer fast-to-market solutions and world-class retail design concepts with capabilities for large-scale manufacturing, logistics and installations throughout the Nordics. We care deeply about sustainable manufacturing and engaging retail experiences. 

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Dream big, move fast, and care deeply for one another along the way. Let’s make something meaningful together.

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